Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Commons Prepares for Community Center Construction

Hires Construction Representative to Oversee Project

Steve Leonard of Owners Construction Representatives & Consultants, LLC, will represent The Commons during the construction of the new community center. The Greenland, NH based business will provide analysis and strategic planning during the next several months. Harvey Construction, of Bedford NH, has been retained for the construction of the facility. OCRC will be in charge of coordination and oversight throughout the construction phase.

“We are excited to have someone with Steve’s expertise on board to review our design and development work, and to bridge the gap between planning and construction,” says Carol Aten, Executive Director at Squamscott Community Commons. “Steve’s input will ensure that our plans are on track as we move onward to construction and the eventual opening of the facility.”

The Commons community center will be built at the site of the old Junior High School on Linden Street in Exeter. The facility will house five local nonprofit agencies and a YMCA within a sustainably built “green” building. The agencies provide programming and services to residents throughout the seacoast region.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Commons Wows Exeter Conservation Commission

In a rare move, Commission unanimously agrees
to write a letter of support for community center project

Squamscott Community Commons presented details of our final wetlands application to the Exeter Conservation Commission on January 8th. The Commission was impressed by The Commons’ leadership in the restoration of the Little River. All members indicated their full support of the project. Brendan Quigley, of Gove Environmental Services of Exeter, assisted The Commons in developing its wetlands improvement plan. Says Quigley, “The primary goal of this project is to improve what’s already there . . . a redevelopment like this is a good opportunity because there are a number of areas where improvement is needed.” The Commons proposes removing a 40 foot section of an existing parking lot closest to the Little River. The material will be used to raise a proposed school bus road out of the 100 year floodplain. The result is an increased natural buffer between the parking lot and the river, and a safer road. “By far the biggest positive impact will be created from the comprehensive storm water management controls that are part of the design. Water quality and wildlife habitat will be improved,” commented Quigley. “Another value is increased public access for recreation and aesthetic purposes. I’m hard pressed to think of another private project that offers this opportunity.”
For more on The Commons’ wetlands improvement plan, go to www.