Monday, June 25, 2007

Thanks for the Memories!

Over 135 guests came from as far away as Florida and Maryland to reconnect with old friends and visit their alma mater one last time at the Exeter AREA Junior High School (1967-1998) Reunion and Farewell Celebration. Wayne Barrows was the Master of Ceremony, and Ben Clapp and his wife of 2Clapps DJ Service, served as the disc jockey providing music of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Former Junior High student, now Exeter Town Manager, Russ Dean said a few words too. Many classmates from the first 8th grade to "graduate" in 1968 were there to reminisce. Another couple who had met in French class and went on their separate ways, recently reunited and are dating now! Retired teachers embraced their fully-grown students and caught up on the missing years between.

Tours of the old school were had, walking down the empty corridors and looking for old homerooms. All agreed that the school was made up of its people - the teachers and the students - and those memories and experiences far overshadow the future demolition of the old school. Former Vice-Principal, Jeff Hillier was on hand with retired history teacher, Peter Smith, to capture as many memories from the staff and students on hand. Those memories will be published at the end of this year in a special illustrated book (order form available on the Squamscott website.)

Local sponsors for the evening included: Dunkin Donuts, Greenland, The Party People, Exeter, The Green Bean on the Water, Exeter, Conner Bottling Works, Newfields, SAU16 School District, and Wal-Mart of Epping.