Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Architect hired to build new Community Center!

EXETER, NH: Bargmann Hendrie+ Archetype, Inc. (BH+A) has recently been retained by Squamscott Community Commons to design and build their new facilities in Exeter, NH. This multi-tenant non - profit community center will be the home of a YMCA and agencies that offer wellness, education, health, culture, arts and childcare.

BH+A is a 50-person architecture firm in Boston, Massachusetts. BH+A's award-winning portfolio is consistently recognized for innovative, functional, cost-effective design. They provide architecture, interior design, graphic design, sustainable design and business planning services. BH+A has a 23 year history with sustainable (green) design. In addition, they have built many combined community centers that serve pre-school children as well as senior citizens. Their design philosophy is to create solutions with character that reflect optimal functional layouts, innovative use of materials, state-of-the-art operating systems and sound financial planning.

Don Briselden, chair of the Squamscott Community Center facilities committee, noted that BH+A was selected as a unanimous choice from a list of over 20 regional design firms, based on the high quality of their design track record and the excellent recommendations from fully satisfied clients.

Joel Bargmann, principal of BH+A says that “one of the strongest messages about the Community Commons is in the name itself. It is reflective of a place, not a program. Our philosophy is to create unique programs and designs that are reflective of the community where the project exists. To be able to create a place where the unique segments of the population can come together is extraordinary.” Additionally this innovative project will utilize environmentally friendly materials and resources to create a sustainable facility which will help minimize energy consumption, reduce operational costs of the building and have a positive impact on the community and surroundings.

Squamscott Community Commons Board Chair, Carter W. Siegel, adds “We are pleased to be working with BH&A because it brings a solid track-record of building design and green design experience to the project. BH&A is a leader in the field and has a superlative professional reputation. I have every confidence that our vision for the community center will be realized in its design.”

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Squamscott's New Office!

It's not an ordinary office trailer.... The staff of Squamscott Community Commons are completing the move into a new office trailer on the parking lot of the old high school Annex (old Junior High) in Exeter. With thanks to special arrangements with Eric Chinburg, Chinburg Builders, this nicer-than-your-average-trailer moved onto the site, in preparation for the completed purchase of the property, and construction of the new community center. Roger Wittner, of Chinburg Builders, was the go-to-guy getting the trailer moved and connected. Huge thanks, too, to Rob Prunier and team at Harvey Construction who provided the manpower to patch, plaster and paint the whole new office.

Mal Argonidizza (left), Salmon House Computer Services, was busy installing the new internet services and computer system, while the staff (pictured left to right) Minnie Sabin, Loretta Allison, and Robin Drunsic debated the correct techniques of office furniture kit assembly.

The team chose a trailer as the old school will be demolished this fall to make way for the new center, and it is in a location that allows access and oversight to the new construction site.